Connecting with Emotions

Sep 2019 10

Emotional Health Tuesday – Navajo Nation Suicide Prevention Week

create. Art Creations Night

The Division of Behavioral and Mental Health Services (DBMHS) promotes the importance of emotional health for Native families and communities. In partnership with Tsehootooi Medical Center (TMC), create. Art Creations Night will be held at TMC Wellness Center on Tuesday September 10, 2019 from 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM. This event focuses on peaceful ways of relaxing by connecting with emotions through art.

Emotional health is important in taking control of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Being emotionally healthy means being able to cope with life’s challenges and being able to recover from setbacks. Emotionally healthy people feel good about themselves and are able utilize their full potential by working productively and coping in healthy ways with stress and everyday life. Emotional health is linked to physical health as it can lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease (

DBMHS encourages focusing on emotional health by being aware of emotions and actions, expressing feelings in appropriate ways, thinking before acting, managing stress, connecting with others and finding purpose and meaning. DBMHS encourages speaking up and reaching out if you need help managing your emotional health by calling our Administration Office at 928-871-6240 or your local DBMHS site.