About Us

At DBMHS, our behavioral health staff support individuals and families make positive lifestyle changes to improve their health and well-being. We create plans to manage health challenges and diagnoses.  We administer nine outpatient treatment centers across Arizona in Chinle, Dilkon, Fort Defiance, Kaibeto, Kayenta, Newlands, Red Mesa and Tuba City. In addition, there are also two outpatient centers in Crownpoint and Gallup, New Mexico, and one residential treatment center in Shiprock, New Mexico.

We build coalitions and networks across the Navajo Nation, establish local crisis response/postvention teams, teach groups and individuals to identify the signs/symptoms of suicide, and run programs that reduce risks of suicide and substance use.

Our Mission and Vision

Mission: To provide quality and culturally appropriate comprehensive behavioral health services to Native American families living on and near the Navajo Nation.

Vision: Diné Be’iina’ Hoozhoogo Silá (In the Navajo Way of life there is beauty before you)


Our Five Priorities

  • Licensure & Certification
  • Client Services
  • Facilities
  • Management Information Systems & Technology
  • Policy