Sober Living Center

The Navajo Division of Behavioral and Mental Health Services—Sober Living Center is a sober living environment for Native American adults and their families to assist them in overcoming addiction and to help them transition into a sober, self-sufficient life. It is an open and continuous center with a duration time based upon the residents’ needs.

This program provides a healthy and structured living setting to help you and your family develop skills necessary for a healthier drug/alcohol-free lifestyle emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

The Sober Living Center provides the following supportive services:
  • Traditional and Spiritual Counseling Services
  • Traditional Education
  • Pastoral Counseling Services and Education
  • Acudetox
  • Health Education
  • Adventure-Based Activities
  • Life and Independent Living Skills
  • Support Groups (AA/NA meetings, 12-stepCelebrate Recovery, Smart Recovery, and Meditation)
  • Family Education and Activities
  • Wellness & Recreational Activities
  • Aftercare
  • Referral



        To provide sober living services consistent with the Navajo Wellness Model to Native American individuals with substance use and related co-occurring disorders in compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements of tribal, federal, state and CARF accrediting body standards.

        To incorporate appropriate faith-based and traditional healing services for substance abuse and co-occurring disorders, individualized traditional counseling services, local community resources and educational assistance based on the needs of the individual resident and their family.

        Our overall goal is to promote health, wellness, and sobriety for all our residents.


        Admission Requirement Checklist

        Sober Living Center Program Application

        Sober Living Center Handbook