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The Center of Healing and Recovery (“COHR”) was created to provide a community of healing. The COHR intends to help our members accomplish recovery, rejuvenation, and refocus to positively move their life forward. It is our mission to work collaboratively to increase capacity and reduce the impact of opioid misuse among the Navajo population.

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Benefits of our Services

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Why See an Opioid Recovery Practitioner

Anyone who takes prescription or illegal opioids can become addicted to them. Natives experience higher rates of addiction. Once addicted, it can be hard to stop. Our team provides Navajo people the best resources in opioid prevention and treatment, helping community members feel beauty from within and all around. 

Treatment & Recovery Plans

COHR provides educations and prevention, placement in outpatient or inpatient centers, expert assessment and care, patient preference traditional or faith based options, sober living residence, and continued support for aftercare and recovery treatment. 

Diverse Counseling Options

COHR provides counseling for individuals and families. We also provide adventure-based counseling and crisis sessions. We have in-person and Telehealth options. We also provide continued counseling for after care and relapse recovery. 

Expert Support to Overcome Obstacles

Navajos are a high risk population for opioid abuse due to limited access to health services, childhood experiences, education, employment, income, and housing. Our team collaborates with several organizations to help overcome those obstacles by connecting you with additional resources. 

A Community of Healing

COHR allows you to meet others and discuss shared experiences and struggles, receive treatment, and encouragement to beat addiction. Heal your relationship with yourself and the people in your life!

Extended Network

COHR has created and continues to expand its Navajo Nation Opioid Response Task Force (NNORTF), comprised of first responders, police force, criminal justice professionals, leadership, health providers, families, community members, and recovering patients (click link below to visit direct sites).

Sage Memorial Hospital

Tuba City Regional Health 

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