Navajo Nation DBMHS Congratulates All Graduates

May 2019 08

S’í áánagháá Bíké Hozho (Beauty way of life toward success)

It’s graduation season and the Division of Behavioral and Mental Health Services wants to congratulate students of all ages for all their academic accomplishments. Our Elders taught us from an early age the significance of learning traditional values and teachings and the importance of learning western education in order to provide for ourselves and our families.

Our elders, who knew how to survive off the land and livestock, also knew the future would require the people to be formally educated. They understood that society and technology was becoming more advanced and that western education would be necessary for our people to advance while continuing our way of life in the modern time.

Hastinn Ch’il Haajiin (Manuelito) said, “My grandchild, education is the ladder. Tell our people to take it.” If you can balance these two worlds, there are endless possibilities for both the graduate and the Navajo Nation.

To all the graduates, DBMHS encourages you to never forget who you are and where you come from, to continue in your quest for your endeavors through education. Your roots are vital in our survival with our traditional cultural ways.